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Lawncare Company in Buffalo NY

1. All turf areas will be mowed on an average of every (7) days during the growing season from April through October weather permitting.

2. Height of turf to be determined by species & local conditions during the growing season. Mowing height may be adjusted upon request, or at vendors discretion based on lawn health.  During rainy or extended dry periods, mowing frequency to be adjusted by vendor to ensure health of lawn/grounds & prevent damage, loss, etc.

3. In conjunction with each mowing service trimming around all buildings, structures, and other obstacles within the turf area shall be performed.

4. All debris shall be removed from turf areas prior to mowing services to ensure turf areas can be maintained at required height, etc.

5. Air sweeping of parking lots and walkways near turf areas serviced shall be performed during weekly grounds service to remove clippings, etc. from parking lots & walkway areas.

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