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Spring Cleanups in Buffalo, NY. A Professional Service By GHL.

  • Spring Clean Ups Buffalo NY
Spring Cleanup Company in Buffalo NY

  • Intensive spring clean-up
  • Pruning trees and shrubs
  • Redefining beds
  • Dress up beds with shredded hardwood mulch, pine bark nuggets, cocoa shells, variety or colored shredded mulch
  • Dress up beds with decorative stones and install rubber or aluminum edging
  • Apply general purpose shrub fertilizer to boost growth
  • Apply weed preventer to minimize weed germination and infestation
  • Decorative ground cover, such as Michigan peat moss or regular peat moss
  • Install low-voltage lighting
  • Plant perennials, new bushes and trees
  • Plant annuals
  • Lawn Mowing

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